KaiVac® OmniFlex™ Wet/Dry Vacuum - 11.5 Gal.

KaiVac® OmniFlex™ Wet/Dry Vacuum - 11.5 Gal.

Item # KV-OWD-EA

  • Powerful vacuum combined with top quality squeegee head thoroughly removes soils and contaminants. Extra long vac hose improves productivity and function.
  • Swivel caster provide easy 360 degree mobility
  • Extremely durable construction. 50' slinky-style vac hose
  • Heavy duty two-stage vacuum motor provides powerful suction
11.5 Gal., ea
Manufacturers Item #OWD

Quick draining tank for easy emptying and cleaning. 15' retractable electrical cord. Easy flush dump hose. Two-piece lightweight aluminum vacuum wand. One tool lets you brush then simply flip to vacuum. Designed for heavy-duty commercial and industrial floor maintenance.

Use stand-alone as a traditional wet/dry vac, it's great for picking up spills, detail cleaning, job site cleanup, flooding, vehicle and equipment detailing, and more. Or, it can be easily mounted on KaiVac's Flex Trolley-Bucket where it becomes an integ


  • Dump/Drain Hose: 22"
  • Vac Tank Cleanout: 100% via Dump/Drain Hose
  • Vac CFM: 60 cfm
  • Blow Feature: 85 mph
  • Vac Motor Lift: 114" - dead head
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