ICI HotSpot Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

ICI HotSpot Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer


  • Ensures accurate and stable body temperature readings. Effective for adults as well as newborn babies and young children with high mobility tendencies.
  • Readings can be taken as close as 5 cm as far as 15 cm from target zone
  • Response time: 0.5 seconds
  • Batteries: 2 x 1.5V AA
Manufacturers Item #ICI-HOTSPOT-EA

Being noncontact makes for a more sanitary environment and reduces the chance to spread infectious diseases. Temperature shows on the LCD screen. Users can set an alarm for readings considered abnormally high. Onboard datalogger stores last 32 readings. The HotSpot IR fits in lab coats and bags for portability.


  • Precise non-contact temperature measurements.
  • Select between °C or °F readout.
  • Select between Body and Surface temperature.
  • Alarm sound for threshold.
  • Memorization of the last 32 measurements.
  • Automatic selection range.
  • Display resolution 1/10th of a degree.
  • Backlight LCD display.
  • Auto power off.


  • Body Mode Range: 32.0° C to 42.5° C (89.6° F to 108.5° F
  • Surface Mode Range: 0° C to 60° C (32° F to 140° F
  • Resolution: ±1 °C
  • Basic Accuracy: ASTM E 1965-1998 (2003) 32° C to 35.9° C (93.2° F to 96.6° F) with (±0.3° C/±0.5° F); 36° C to 39° C (96.8° F to 96.6° F to 102.2° F) with (±0.2°C/±0.4°F); 39° C to 42.5° C (102.2° F to 108.5° F) with (±0.3° C/±0.5°F)